Part Two – Can CapEx Protocols Distort Dues Pricing?

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7_9_15_175wA Dangerous Effect on Pricing 

In every metropolitan area, there are top tier clubs that compete with each other for the wealthiest members, a mid-level tier that competes for the next rung of members and a bottom-level tier. Read more...

Can CapEx Protocols Distort Dues Pricing?

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Avoiding the Cycle of Capital Dues

Here’s a question that general managers and board members at private clubs nationwide should ask themselves in earnest: How many businesses ignore market pricing in setting the price for their own product? Read more...

The Changing World of Country Clubs

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According to National Golf Foundation (NGF) statistics, both the number of people playing golf and the frequency with which they played stabilized in 2012-2014. This is followed a long period of decline. The number of golfers peaked at 30 million around 2003 and rounds have declined almost every year since 1999. So while this is good news in one sense, the long term outlook for golf remains bleak. Read more...

Membership Development and the Private Club

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12_4_14_175wMany private clubs still have not sufficiently updated their approach to new member development. This typically results from a misunderstanding of just what they can and should do to promote membership. We often hear frustrated managers and board members suggest that they have no ability to market memberships because of their  501(c) 7 status.  more...

What Club Presidents Want and Job “Staying Power”

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09_30_14_175wWhen you became a club manager, you likely got (and continue to get) plenty of advice about what needs improving. With good intentions, everybody is an expert, especially some board members. Of course, members always talk among themselves how other clubs supposedly do certain things better.  more...

What Is It About Jeans?

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06_05_14_175wMention the denim word and club members (thankfully not all of them) go into hysterics. You would think this is the mortal sin of all dress, almost as bad as wearing, heaven forbid, cargo pants. But in today’s club world, jeans are the big controversy.  
Now, in trying to get to the “why” of this issue, I used to think that maybe it was because jeans were blue, because they were associated with the working classes, or maybe because they just were not “clubby.” Who knows? more...

Position Your Club as Family-Friendly and Welcome the Kids

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05_13_14_175wPositioning your club as family-friendly is essential in today’s child-focused world.  It is no surprise that if you do a basic Google search of programs geared toward children in your area, you will see that the possibilities are endless. From DJ school to cooking classes to rock climbing clinics, kids can participate in almost any activity imaginable. more...

Bring Your In-Club Communication Into the Digital Age

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 03_06_14_175wHow you communicate to your members is changing. Having built the environment and reputation as a place to “get-away-from-it-all,” clubs are faced with finding appropriate upgrades to the ways they communicate. Most clubs are expanding their websites, incorporating e-newsletters, exploring mobile sites and apps and stepping into social media. These new communication efforts are more accepted by members now than ever before. It’s a great start, but in-club communication is often overlooked and under-valued. more...

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