What Makes Today's Gated Communities Tick? The Full-Service Club

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08_12_14 Clubhouse_175wThe success of a gated community is dependent on the success of its club. Many of these communities are struggling today because their club offering is not targeting the next generation of residents. In the past, gated communities targeted the first or second home markets for the affluent by placing most of their emphasis on golf. That worked well up until about 2000 when the golf craze began to ebb. Now these same communities are turning over their houses to the boomer generation. And you know what? Golf alone won’t cut it anymore.   more...

Good Neighbors Make Good Members

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October2_2012_175wHow having an effective community relationship can attract new members from your Own Backyard 

“The best source of new work is in your own back yard.”  Clubs seeking to increase their membership ranks can take these simple and inexpensive steps to cultivate synergy with neighboring Community Associations (“Associations”):  more...

Nurturing the Symbiotic Relationship Between Club and Common Interest Community Association(s)

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 June26_2012_175wMany clubs are located within master planned developments which have one or more homeowner or property owner associations (“Associations”). In these developments, the relationship between the club and the association is a “symbiotic relationship.” Scientists use the term “symbiosis” in the context of one or more different organisms or species living together in close proximity, often with interdependence for long periods of time.  more...


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