Safety and Your Insurance Company

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 01_21_16 InsuranceThis article was started years ago, yet I could say I called a potential client yesterday. This wasn’t a cold call, it was to a long term associate – a club manager – who knows that I help clubs with safety.

After we exchanged pleasantries, I asked if he needed help with safety at his club; perhaps a simulated OSHA site assessment? Or maybe help with safety policies?

He told me that he doesn’t need my help as he has a great safety program in place and his insurance agent is administering the program!

Not having anything to lose, I inquired if I could ask a few questions about his program?   Read more..

The Safety Guy Almost Got Hit

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I was driving on an Interstate highway and a vehicle started to drift into my lane. Three quick sharp blasts from my horn ensured the driver of the panel van re-aligned his vehicle back in his lane. As I passed and looked into the open side door of the bread delivery truck, I was amazed to see he was leaning into / looking at the phone clutched in his two hands!

Was he texting? Talking? Myopic and looking for directions? Playing a video game? I don’t know what he was doing and contemplated a way to share my displeasure…  Would one think this errant behavior could be changed because another driver alerted him of his potential gaff?  What would his boss say if made aware of his actions?

Years Ago
In 2010, I wrote in article titled Driving while “Intexticated”.  While researching the “Intexticated” article, I spoke with a few experts, looked at related accident data and just dug deeper into the topic.

Now I have to say (in my opinion), drivers have gotten worse in the recent five years. Is it because people desire to be more connected? Is technology making people like Pavlovian dogs and automatically reaching for and looking at their phone when the thing dings?

Recent Related Publications
An electronic article published in May 2015 by Environmental Safety and Health magazine titled Hang It Up! Cell Phones and Car Crashes shared statistics estimating that 27 percent of all crashes are caused by texting/talking on cell phones.

The Hang It Up article also referenced a study done by the National Safety Council (NSC) titled Crashes Involving Cell PhonesRead more...

SWOT’ing at Nature—Part Two

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3_19_15_175wBack in January, the first part of this article on developing an environmental strategy for your club made reference to survey data showing the gaps in performance and practice in this area. The patient (in this case the club and the club leadership) don’t even know they’re at risk. Like an undiagnosed heart condition, the only way the patient can identify risk factors is by visiting the doctor and going through an initial exam and perhaps some follow-up tests. Taking a few hours with the physician is worth avoiding a critical or catastrophic event down the road. Read more...

Are You Ready To Defend Your Club and Yourself? Cyber Threats to Clubs Are Real - Part Four

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10_14_14_175wControlling the technical risks
Before you undertake the task of addressing today’s advanced threats, make sure you first tackle the basics. Evaluate your baseline security system, including patching, access control, segregation of duties, inventory and asset control. In essence, don’t try to build the roof before you’ve laid the foundation.  more...

Are You Ready To Defend Your Club and Yourself? Cyber Threats to Clubs Are Real - Part 3

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10_8_14_175wIn our first two installments of this four-part series on emerging security threats, we examined how the evolving hacker model could affect the cyber security of Club organizations. In the third and fourth installments, we take a closer look at how cybercriminals are targeting new technologies like social media, as well as outline specific technical solutions for combating these growing threats. more...

Are You Ready To Defend Your Club and Yourself? Cyber Threats to Clubs Are Real - Part 2

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10_2_14_175wOnce a pastime for hobbyists and amateurs, cybercrime is now within the purview of organized criminal enterprises, whose agendas and methods are significantly different from that of the stereotypical hacker.
Starting with this issue, we will present a multi-part series on emerging security risks and assess their impacts on clubs. In Part Two, we'll continue to lay the groundwork, looking at the changing face of cybercrime and its evolving web of tactics and methods.  more...

Are You Ready To Defend Your Club and Yourself? Cyber Threats to Clubs Are Real - Part 1

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09_23_14_175wBefore you can develop a security strategy for your club, you need to know what the risks are. To determine risk, the organization must understand the type of external threats it faces, including the motives, means and techniques of today's perpetrators. Yet, it's becoming harder to identify these threats. In the past few years, the nature of cybercrime has  more...

Who is Winning the Negative On-Line Review Battle?

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08_14_14 Online Review 175 Recently, some businesses have battled negative reviews aggressively by using contracts. One web retailer,, slapped a $3,500 fee on a customer for violating an anti-disparagement provision in its terms of use on its web-site and reported the customer as delinquent to credit agencies, harming their credit. In another situation, a New York dentist required her patients to sign an agreement waiving any right to comment publicly about her services and to assign to her the copyright in any after-the-fact reviews. more...

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