Engaging Social Media for Catering and Member Events

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5_7_15_175wWays of engaging members are definitely changing. Trends show that in 2014, an investment in social media moved from "should have" to "must have" and the use of video will continue to increase rapidly. In the area of private and member events, this could not be more important, as it is such a visually engaging department and there are so many incredible images that we can share via social media to connect with our members and their entertaining lifestyles. Read more...

Spring Cleaning Your LinkedIn and Online Profiles

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06_12_14_175wThe weather is warming up, flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are starting to wake up from their winter slumber. You know what this means, right? It’s time to clean up—the backyard, your closet of last season’s clothes and your online profiles.
Your LinkedIn and Social Media Profiles

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so it’s just right to take advantage of this time to start a new (and better) chapter in your career. more...

How Is Social Media Relevant to Your Club’s Website?

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01_07_14_175wFacebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and so on and so forth.

Social Media has captured a significant part of our daily communication and the trend is continuing to snowball. Just think about how social media links are scattered across the sites of the news outlets that we visit every day. You may or may not use social media sites like Facebook on a personal level, but you can bank on the fact that your club is represented there. more...


Developing a Private Club Social Media Policy

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As private clubs turn to social media, policies to govern its use have become the new frontier. A good social media policy provides clear guidelines as to what staff should and shouldn't do when posting and interacting with the community. It’s also important to define the club’s social media policy for members.

A good social media campaign or engagement strategy can help your private club reach new audiences as well as communicate more effectively with existing members. Beyond simply posting club announcements and member communications, there are many examples of private clubs using social media successfully for everything from event sales and member recruitment to building awareness within a local community. But there are also examples of private clubs that have encountered pitfalls along the way to an effective social media presence. more...

Engaging Your Members Through Facebook?

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8_27_13_175wI had the pleasure of presenting to a group at this past year’s CMAA conference in San Diego where we talked about Social Media Strategies: Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube. One of the questions that I was asked was how to better use Facebook for member engagement. There are multiple tools to stay in touch with members and to make sure they are aware of what is going on.  Facebook is one of those tools and can be a powerful one when used strategically. more...

Optimizing Club Groups in Order to Increase Engagement, Revenue and Member Satisfaction

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08_06_13_175wThere is an opportunity to increase engagement, revenue and member satisfaction at your club right now and it’s hiding in plain sight.  Groups are the lifeblood of any club. They are how your members interact with each other and engage with the club.  The faster new members join established groups, the quicker they will integrate into your club family and feel that the club is their home.  more...

Are You LinkedIn?

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4_09_2013_175wBefore the job is posted and advertised, where does the recruiter/Human Resources professional/hiring manager look for potential candidates? Before they even hit the job boards, they are on LinkedIn. And, if you are not there, then you don’t exist. Let me repeat that – IF YOU ARE NOT LINKEDIN, YOU DO NOT EXIST! more...

Use of Social Media at The Westmoor Club Increases Value of Membership and Encourages Member Friendships

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July24_2012_175wSurprisingly, The Westmoor Club is less than a decade old, yet, it is considered the premier destination on the Island of Nantucket. Located in an area where most country clubs are considered ‘historic’, The Westmoor Club is different, yes for its age, but also for their member relations tactics.  more... 

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