Building Healthy Clubs

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7_14_15_175wFitness in private clubs is the fastest growing aspect we see happening across the industry. Through our research with surveying over 1,200 clubs (representing more than 1.5 million members and spouses) and our Club Trends publication (co-published with the National Club Association), fitness is looked upon by club members as the third most important activity at clubs behind dining and golf. The latter two activities can vary by age groups, but we have found that fitness is equally important to all age groups. Read more...

Wellness Wheel

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6_7_15Wellness is the hot trend with club amenities and a staffed fitness center and spa are initial steps. Regardless of your facilities, there are several ways to inform your members about holistic health and positively impact their overall wellness. Here are eight spokes of the wellness wheel. Read more...

The Changing World of Country Clubs

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According to National Golf Foundation (NGF) statistics, both the number of people playing golf and the frequency with which they played stabilized in 2012-2014. This is followed a long period of decline. The number of golfers peaked at 30 million around 2003 and rounds have declined almost every year since 1999. So while this is good news in one sense, the long term outlook for golf remains bleak. Read more...

Upgrading Your Pool Without Changing Your Budget

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04_22_14_175wAs an equipment supplier we get a lot of questions about pool upgrades, especially from existing clients looking to draw in more members or provide a better swimming experience to them. Over the last few years, as budgets have been getting tighter and tighter, some clients have had a hard time getting the upgrades they need to stay competitive.  more...

Evolving Members, Evolving Fitness

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09_03_13_175wTraditional fitness equipment should provide a great ownership experience by incorporating elements of member satisfaction, equipment durability and service. With advances in technology, it’s time to expect more.  

The good thing is that the fundamentals have not changed. Members who visit the gym to get in shape have high expectations of how fitness equipment should perform.  more...

The Advantages of Converting Your Pools to Salt

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06_20_13_175wWhy do swimmers leave a swimming pool or spa and head straight for the shower if they have just been immersed in water? It's not to wash off the pool water, but rather to rinse that irritating chlorine feel off of their bodies.

Chlorine is required by health code in all commercial pools, so one would think that it is something that swimmers just have to put up with. They always have. more...

How to Tell if Your Members are Going Outside the Club for Fitness and Spa Services and a Giveaway

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2_26_13_175wAre your members getting their fitness needs met elsewhere, and should you consider meeting those needs at your club? One of the strongest trends in the club industry is the provision of health, wellness, fitness and/or spa facilities, equipment and services. more... 

PCS Update and Brain Wealth

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PCSUpdate175The PCS Staff would like to wish your club and family a happy holidays. With winter weather quickly approaching, subscribers can now worry less with Agility Recovery, a service available to standard and library subscribers. This service will provide the resources necessary to continue operations should you experience any business interruption. more...

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