Building Healthy Clubs

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7_14_15_175wFitness in private clubs is the fastest growing aspect we see happening across the industry. Through our research with surveying over 1,200 clubs (representing more than 1.5 million members and spouses) and our Club Trends publication (co-published with the National Club Association), fitness is looked upon by club members as the third most important activity at clubs behind dining and golf. The latter two activities can vary by age groups, but we have found that fitness is equally important to all age groups. Read more...

Wellness Wheel

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6_7_15Wellness is the hot trend with club amenities and a staffed fitness center and spa are initial steps. Regardless of your facilities, there are several ways to inform your members about holistic health and positively impact their overall wellness. Here are eight spokes of the wellness wheel. Read more...

Not Just Golf; How Tennis Fits Into Your Club

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05_14_15 Tennis Court 175One of the top priorities of the USPTA over the last two years has been to be more closely aligned with our allied organizations. After the CMAA World Conference on Club Management and Business Expo in San Antonio in March, I am even more convinced of the need for our industry brethren to come together.

Many of the challenges facing the club and golf industries are parallel to those affecting tennis: constrained resources, increasing value to professionals, improving the member experience and increasing participation in the sport. While golf is important, it cannot be the singular focus as it may have been in the past at many facilities. Clubs need to be more holistic. Golf can't and should not be the only amenity anymore, and that's where tennis fits in. Read more...

The Changing World of Country Clubs

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According to National Golf Foundation (NGF) statistics, both the number of people playing golf and the frequency with which they played stabilized in 2012-2014. This is followed a long period of decline. The number of golfers peaked at 30 million around 2003 and rounds have declined almost every year since 1999. So while this is good news in one sense, the long term outlook for golf remains bleak. Read more...

Test Your Tennis IQ – Part Two

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4_9_15_175wLast month, we published some general tennis questions that can serve Club Managers and staff.  This informative tennis quiz was about broad operational knowledge. The questions were developed to cover some essential categories, e.g. teaching, programs, facilities and the sport.  Read more...

Role of Tennis: Q&A with a CMAA Manager

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3_12_15_175wIt’s no secret that USPTA and CMAA know the value of continuing education, and last month was another indication of our two like-minded associations coming together. Several CMAA managers and tennis directors were invited to sit on a panel to discuss the role of tennis in the club environment during the USPTA Texas Division Convention and USTA Texas Annual Meeting at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Read more...

Test Your Tennis IQ

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3_10_15_175wHere are some general tennis questions that can serve Club Managers and staff. This informative tennis quiz is about broad operational knowledge. The questions were developed to cover some essential categories, e.g. teaching, programs, facilities and the sport. Later, we will publish the answers which you may find insightful. This could be a beneficial tool for you and/or others to consider, share and enjoy! Read more...  

The Fine Art of Course Utilization

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2_24_15_175wThis matter recently came up with a private club client of ours that boasts a strong membership and excellent facilities. Access to the course is plentiful. By capping membership at a pre-determined level, that ready access is preserved. Indeed, it’s one of the things the membership is willing to pay for. more...

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