Career Services Chairman Responsibilities

The Career Services Chairman

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and arrange meetings to educate the chapter on career services;
  • Help unemployed managers and managers seeking career changes to receive services from CMAA;
  • Educate clubs and their managers on how to locate management personnel through CMAA;
  • Maintain contact with the National Headquarters for updates and current information; regarding career services
  • Relay manager openings to the National Headquarters and inform clubs that have openings of the Career Services options available through CMAA per the Code of Ethics;
  • Explain ClubCareers and all career resources offerings and their purposes to all club managers and clubs in the chapter’s area, including the descriptions and explanations of the Managerial Openings List, the Mid-Management Career Opportunities listing, the Entry-LevelOpportunities List, the Internship Listing, the Selective Search Bulletin and the Interim Management Listing;
  • Maintain communications with the appropriate National Career Services Ambassador (National Career Services Committee Member); and
  • Hold the position for at least seven months.

The Career Services Chairman will report directly to the Chapter President. The fulfillment of responsibilities will be verified by the Chapter President.

For monthly tips and reminders, check out Chapter Management Resources for Career Services Chairman, in Chapter Digest.

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