Club Governance

Governance Topics Index 

This section of the CMAA website contains a wealth of information for club leaders who seek to implement the best principles and practices in club governance. It gives direct access to guidance on a wide range of governance subjects and issues – from how to design and implement a governance model for your club to how to conduct an effective board meeting.

The focal point of the material in this section is the Club Governance Model (Model). Developed over the past eighteen months by a CMAA Governance Study Group, the Model is the association’s standard of excellence in club governance. It is based upon accepted principles and best practices in nonprofit governance, which have been tailored for the club community. The Model fits naturally within the portfolio of CMAA methods and standards that promote efficient and effective business techniques at the club level. It provides for (1) a smooth flow of authority from club members through the board of directors to the club manager and staff and (2) a clear line of accountability from the staff and club manager back through the board to the club members.

The Governance Section of the website is organized into four divisions:

1. Questions and Answers:  

This division contains answers to a wide range of governance questions. We will add to this division as we receive questions specific to the Club Governance Model or more generally to club governance issues as a whole.

2. Guide to Implementing the Club Governance Model (Guide):  

This division comprises a single document, which is designed to walk a club through the process of implementing the Model. The Guide details the steps starting with the formation of an Ad-Hoc Committee and ending with the Board’s approval of the Board Policies Manual.

3. Sample Board Policies Manuals: 

The centerpiece of the Club Governance Model is the Board Policies Manual (BPM), which is a compendium of all board standing policies. Because this document is seldom seen in clubs, CMAA will post examples of BPMs in this division to help club leaders visualize both the form and content of a BPM.

4. Topics Library: 

While the Model and the BPM provide the framework for good club governance, that framework still needs to contain proven practices. This division contains papers, templates, and articles that can be downloaded and tailored to individual clubs and situations. The materials in this division reinforce the principles of the Model and demonstrate its flexibility by showing how it accommodates best governance practices in clubs of all types and sizes.

Although the four divisions in the Governance Section are packaged in different formats, they all are centered on the general message and themes of the Model. For example, most of the concepts and terms used in the Guide in Division 2 are covered in either Division 1 (Q&A) or Division 4 (Topics Library) or both. And if the reader is interested in how the policies and practices come together, he/she can review the sample BPMs in Division 3. Visitors to the Governance Section who are researching a special governance topic should find the table below (Governance Topics Index) useful in pinpointing where to look in Divisions 1, 3 & 4.

Finally, this section will be continually supplemented with new material to keep it fresh and current. As more and more clubs implement and operate under the Club Governance Model, we will ensure that our members receive full benefit of the feedback that we receive. We therefore encourage members to visit this section periodically to keep themselves up to date.

Governance Topics Index