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Online Registration is unavailable at this time while we are transitioning our technology infrastructure.
You may register using the printable form linked below. Online Registration will return on or about June 25.

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BMI Club Management (Formerly BMI I) - Georgia State University

BMI Leadership Principles (Formerly BMI II) - Cal-Poly Pomona

BMI General Manager / COO (Formerly BMI III) - Michigan State University

BMI Tactical Leadership (Formerly BMI IV) - Cornell University
*** CCM Designation or Eight Years CMAA Membership Required

BMI - Strategic Leadership (Formerly BMI V) - Boston
*** CCM Designation or Eight Years CMAA Membership Required

BMI Food & Beverage Management - University of Houston

BMI Golf Management - Admirals Cove Club, Jupiter, Florida

BMI Sports and Recreation Management - Scottsdale, Arizona

Certification Review Course & CCM Exam - Georgia State University
*** Does not include the Certification Petition and Exam Registration Fees
*** Exam is administered on final day

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Cancellation policies can be viewed here

For all cancellations that result in a customer credit, there is a 12 month expiration from the date of the original cancellation. Funds must be applied within this time period to another BMI program, or World Conference or they will be forfeited.

Please contact the CMAA Education Department at (703) 739-9500 for details.


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