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Millennial Insights White Paper and Infographic

In conjunction with the Center for Generational Kinetics and The Club Foundation, the Club Management Association of America unveiled research uncovering generational attitudes about club memberships, specifically the Millennial demographic.

Born between 1977 and 1995, Millennials are poised to shake up the club industry. It turns out that many of the intangibles that Millennials say they want are exactly what clubs already can and do offer. But, like nearly everything Millennials do, they want it to be customized to their specific needs and life stage. Check out these encouraging findings from our national study and infographic. 

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Additional recorded material from this study may be found on CMAA University.

Millennial Insights Inforgraphic

Additional Resources

In conjunction with the Club Resource Center, CMAA produced three additional white papers exploring generational issues when attracting new members, new member orientation and club communications. Subscriber now to access these white papers that take a deeper dive on generational issues.

  • Attracting New Members — "A Multi-Generational Approach" 
    New members are the lifeblood of a club’s sustainability and require a thoughtful approach in acquisition. This white paper details the components of modern club marketing, which must be goal-specific, strategic, data-driven and digital.
  • New Member Orientation, Connection, and Retention 
    Anyone can join a private club but "belonging" is another issue in and of itself. Many new members are enjoying the experience of joining a club for the first time which makes it imperative for clubs to have sophisticated and well-orchestrated orientation strategy.
  • The Membership Club Offering and Communication Strategies 
    Once they become members, clubs must juggle the communication expectations and demands of a variety of generations. The bottom line is the more comfortable and connected a new member (and their family) feels, the longer they are willing to remain a member.

CMAA Business Partner, GGA Partners and millennial golfer organization, Nextgengolf, annually produces a study on the habits, attitudes, and preferences of Millennial golfers. Read the latest study from 2020 here.