CMAA Management to Leadership Model

Management to Leadership Pyramid - small

The club industry, and especially club members, have shifting and ever-increasing expectations of the role of the general manager. It is also growing more apparent that the tried and true model of manager as “chief operating officer” alone appears to fall short of those increasing needs.

The general manager at a club has a wide range of responsibilities and authority that all factor into his or her success at the club. The management model that CMAA has accepted and by which we have defined ourselves is shifting. The Management to Leadership Model embraces a more accurate and timely model to reflect the industry today.

The Management to Leadership model is based upon the theory that general managers/COOs are responsible for three major areas: operations, assets/investments and club culture. This construct more accurately expresses today’s general manager/COO as the professional responsible for the multiple facets of club operations, as well as managing the club’s assets/investments and culture. It is a continuum of constant building and honing of skills and competencies.

The foundation of the model is the successful management of club operations. The components of this foundation are already defined by CMAA as the core competencies of a general manager/COO.

The second tier of the model is mastering the skills of “asset management.” Today’s general manager/COO must be able to manage the physical property, the financial well-being and the human resources of the club. These facets of the manager’s responsibility are equally as important as managing the operations of the club.

The third and final tier of the new model is preserving and fostering the culture of the club. The culture of the club can be defined as the club’s traditions, history and vision. Many managers intrinsically perform this function; however, it is an often overlooked and underdeveloped quality.

This model of leadership is embodied into all of CMAA’s BMI programs. Learning to be a leader and incorporating the specific tenets of this model into your professional style will increase your effectiveness as a true asset to your club.