Developing an Internship Program


Guide to Dev an Internship ProgramAn intern is a student or recent graduate who works as an apprentice or trainee to gain practical experience in an occupation. Most hospitality and recreational sports-related school and university programs require students to complete internships (sometimes referred to as externship or coop) as part of their graduation requirements. This practical experience allows students to apply classroom learning while developing their professional skill set.  

One objective of a club internship should be to provide valuable “on-the-job” education in the form of a supervised work experience. As club managers, it is our responsibility to provide not only the work, but also added value during the students’ time at our clubs. The goal of this publication is for club managers, faculty and students to better understand how a well designed internship program can be of benefit to all involved. 


Starting an Internship Program

Step #1 – Securing Commitment From Club Leadership 

Step #2 – Determining the Type of Program That Best Suits Your Club 

Step #3 – Developing Relationships and Recruiting Methods 

Step #4 – Defining Expectations 

Step #5 – Implementing Program Evaluation and Improvement/Enhancement Procedures  


Sample Forms: 

Student Internship Goals and Objectives
Intern Performance Assessment
Alternative Intern Evaluation
Weekly Experience Review
Final Review by Intern
Club Post Intern Evaluation