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Bucky Award

The wine auctions have sparked a healthy competition among the chapters to donate the most wine. CMAA chapters compete for one of the two coveted traveling Bucky trophies, which were originally donated by the Wisconsin Badger Chapter. When chapters submit their donations, they must include fill out an online donation form which has the wholesale value for each bottle. The numbers they provide are used to calculate the total donation value.

The Wholesale Bucky award is given to the chapter that donates the most wine by wholesale value to the auctions and the Per Capita Bucky award is given to the chapter with the highest average donation amount per chapter member (provided by CMAA’s Membership Department). In 2015, due to the outpouring of support, the Wine Society Board unanimously decided to extend both the Wholesale and Per Capita Bucky Award to the small, medium and large categories.

The six annual awardees each receive a $1,000 education grant funded by The Club Foundation. The two traveling Bucky trophies are presented to the highest grossing Wholesale and Per Capita winners at the Closing Business Session.

2022 Winners

Per Capita Bucky Winners

  • Small: Alabama Chapter
  • Medium: Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Large: Georgia Chapter

Wholesale Bucky Winners

  • Small: Alabama Chapter
  • Medium: Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Large: Golden State Chapter

Overall Per Capita Winner

Georgia Chapter

Overall Wholesale Winner

Golden State Chapter

At the 2022 Closing Business Session the Golden State Chapter was announced as the winner of the Wholesale Bucky Award for donating almost $34,000 worth of wine.  The Georgia Chapter was announces as the winner of the Per Capita Award for donating more than $157 per chapter member.  Thank you to all our Chapters that made donations to this year’s Wine Auction!

  • Alabama Chapter
  • Arkansas Razorback Chapter
  • Georgia Chapter
  • Golden State Chapter
  • Greater Chicago Chapter
  • Greater Cleveland Chapter
  • Metropolitan Chapter
  • Mid-America Chapter
  • New Jersey Chapter
  • Philadelphia & Vicinity Chapter
  • Pittsburgh Chapter
  • Wisconsin Badger Chapter

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