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Premier Exhibitor Programs.

The Premier Exhibitor Programs have been designed to offer a competitive advantage within the club industry to businesses supporting CMAA through their participation in the Club Business Expo. The marketing opportunities available through these programs extend a company's visibility outside the Club Business Expo throughout the year.

The Club Industry:
  • Generates $20 billion in annual revenue.
  • Spends $6.2 billion on total purchased goods.
  • Spends $3.5 billion on other services.
  • Employs 345,000 staff, resulting in a $9.3 billion payroll.

If you have exhibited for three or more consecutive years in the Club Business Expo, enroll in the Premier Exhibitor Programs to expand your business, create stronger contacts with club management professionals, and increase your share of the marketplace within this industry.

Premier Exhibitor Program Benefits

The Premier Program gives participating companies a formal connection to the Association for an annual fee of $3,000.

  • Use of the CMAA Premier logo identifying your company as a CMAA and industry supporter.
  • Company and company representative(s) listed online in the Member Directory.

  • Each company may enroll up to three company representatives.
  • Designated Premier Representatives are permitted access to the official CMAA LinkedIn Group
  • Online CMAA Member Directory including: member name, title, club/facility, address, phone, fax and email.
  • World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo pre- and post-attendee rosters provided with email addresses.

Savings & Discounts
  • CMAA Member pricing on CMAA events (see list for approved events).
  • Savings of $2 per square foot on booth space at the Club Business Expo (ex. 10x10 aisle = $22 per sq. ft. - $2,200 - $200 = $2,000 booth fee).
  • 25 percent discount on upgrades at Map Your Show.
  • Receive two World Conference on Club Management Education Only Registrations (must be a designated Premier Representative.)
  • And More!
Premier PLUS Exhibitor Program

Companies who participate in additional marketing and sponsorship opportunities will automatically be upgraded to the Premier Exhibitor PLUS Program. This enhanced program is only available to current Premier Exhibitor Program companies with booth space at the Club Business Expo. The marketing and sponsorship opportunities must meet CMAA eligibility.

Contact Kelly Springirth at 703-739-9500 for additional information and enrollment eligibility.


  • Priority Point Group is first to select booth space for the upcoming Club Business Expo.
  • Use of the Premier PLUS logo.
  • And More!


These Guidelines provide detailed information on the benefits of the programs. Read these before completeting the Enrollment Form.

Enrollment Form

Cancellaction Policy

CMAA does not accept cancellations of the Premier Exhibitor Program. Therefore, no refunds shall be provided.

However, cancellations are accepted if you choose to cancel the Premier PLUS Program. If a Premier PLUS participating company elects to cancel booth space and/or their contracted participation in the Premier PLUS Program, the company will be allotted the opportunity to a 50 percent refund or to purchase the reserved sponsorship opportunity at the retail price. (See contract Cancellation Policy)

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and postmarked or fax-dated no later than the date specified for the current Club Business Expo Rules and Regulations. No cancellations shall be accepted, and no refunds will be made after this date. If CMAA is forced to cancel a company’s participation in the program, for acts of God, threatened or other actual acts of terrorism or other reasons outside the control of CMAA, there shall be no refunds of either the Premier Program or the Premier Plus Program.