CMAA Surveys

CMAA conducts industry surveys to benefit CMAA members and the club industry. CMAA’s annual surveys provide baseline data for all members who participate.

The 2018 Finance and Operations Survey is now open. Participate online at

On average, the survey should take approximately –one to two hours to complete. Survey participants can save their data at any time, complete the survey via an Excel upload, or add users to complete department level data. Past participants can copy forward last year’s data for a more streamlined experience. 

Survey participants receive a complimentary copy of the Industry Report plus an Individual Club Report with their own club’s financial and operating statistics displayed alongside the appropriate industry benchmarking comparatives (in PDF form).

Club Resource Center subscribers who participate in the survey will also receive a complimentary copy of the Industry Report, an Individual Club Report, the Interactive Club Report, and Searchable Results. With the Interactive Club Report, managers can create customized Individual Club Reports on demand, choosing the data comparison groups which they’d like to compare their club against. The Searchable Results dig deeper into the data by creating custom aggregations of the survey results filtering on multiple variables (i.e. operating revenue and club type and region). 

To learn more about the subscription, please visit

Past Reports

The 2017 Finance and Operations Report is available to participants and Club Resource Center subscribers. The Executive Summary is available to all members through CMAA University in the Resource Library.

The 2016 Compensation and Benefits Report is available to survey participants and Club Resource Center subscribers.

The 2016 Economic Impact Report presents statistics on the club industry as it relates to the economy. This report is available for free to CMAA members and non-members.