CMAA Surveys

The 2021 Finance and Operations Report is open now until July 9, 2021

The survey is completed on the Industry Insights platform to ensure confidential and secure data storage and management. New participants can register and past participants can login at

Currently,  the 2020 Finance and Operations Report is available.

The 2018 Compensation and Benefits Report is also available as detailed above. In addition, sections of the report are available through CMAA’s online store. All members may access the Executive Summary through CMAA University or the Best Practices Exchange.

The 2019 Economic Impact Report is available to the greater public and provides vital information on how clubs contribute to the economy and give back to their local communities. The report finds that revenue for CMAA clubs have reached nearly $21 billion and a total direct economic impact of $24 billion. 

Download 2019 Economic Impact Report


CMAA 2019 Economic Impact Report Infographic