CMAA Surveys

CMAA’s conducts annual surveys to benefit CMAA members and the club industry by providing baseline data for all members who participate.

The 2019 Finance and Operations Report is now open.

The survey will take 1-2 hours to complete and includes the following features to streamline the process:

  1. Once managers complete question 11 (on facilities and amenities) in the General Section, the appropriate sections (or departmental forms) will be open.

  2. Managers may save their data and return to the survey at any time to complete it or to make changes.

  3. Managers may designate or assign department data to the appropriate department heads. Users may be added from the survey landing page and managed under Organization Management.

  4. The survey is available in a downloadable Excel form. Managers can complete the survey offline and upload it at their convenience.

  5. Last year’s participants can copy over data from the survey landing page and update as necessary.

Survey participants will receive a copy of the full Industry Report plus an Individual Club Report which displays their club’s financial and operating statistics alongside the appropriate industry comparatives (in PDF form). In addition, Club Resource Center subscribers who participate in the survey will receive access to an online data analytics tool, which allows clubs to compare their data versus five peer groups and create customized aggregations of the survey results.

Participate by April 19, 2019 to receive your copy of the report.

The 2018 Finance and Operations Report and 2018 Compensation and Benefits Survey are available.

The 2016 Economic Impact Reportpresents statistics on the club industry as it relates to the economy and will be updated in 2019. This report is available for free to the public.