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 Board Policies Manual

Sample Versions

This division of the Governance Section of the CMAA website contains three documents: two versions of the Board Policies Manual (BPM), a Basic Version and an Expanded Version, and an Expanded Version with Commentary. Clubs who are implementing the Club Governance Model are strongly advised to download one of the two BPM templates and tailor it using their board policies.

The Basic Version is primarily a skeletal BPM in that it contains only the standard policies in each of the five BPM parts. These are the policies that should appear in some form regardless of their level of detail in the BPM. While there is nothing rigid about the language in this version, it is highly recommended that the board of a club at a minimum include the messages conveyed by these policies. For example, BPM Section 3.1 of the Basic Version describes the primary principles that will govern the way the board operates – maintain strategic thinking; accommodate diverse perspectives; establish and respect different roles between staff and board; and the like. Although clubs may choose different ways to communicate the principles in BPM Section 3.1, they are fundamental to sound governance and the board’s commitment to them deserves to be on record.

The Expanded Version is the Basic Version with additional board policies inserted. In many of the sections where the Basic Version has a “place-holder” for a policy, the Expanded Version includes a sample policy. For example, in BPM Section 2.2, we have inserted a sample mission and in BPM Section 2.6 a sample list of current objectives. This Expanded Version, therefore, provides a document that is more like an actual, fleshed-out BPM. Be advised, however, that although this version offers an accurate look and the feel of the BPM, the policies included in this version are examples only. For instance, the committee structure that we show in BPM Section 3.6 may look considerably different from the structure in your club. Similarly the way you evaluate your GM not be the same as shown in BPM Section 4.5. Accordingly, in the pertinent BPM sections, we expect that you will replace the sample policies with your own.

The Expanded Version with Commentary is the Expanded Version plus a bit of commentary after each of the five parts of the BPM. The commentary summarizes the purpose of each part and offers a brief rationale for the policies included in Expanded Version. These comments highlight the points relevant to the individual BPM parts. For more detailed discussion of policies relating to policies or governance principles, go to the Topics Library or the Q&A subsections of the Governance Section of the CMAA web site.