Premier Club Services

Premier Club Services (PCS) is a subscription service for clubs that aims to improve the relationship of the GM/COO and his or her board by providing innovative programs and resources for the successful operation of clubs. The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) founded PCS in response to club managers’ requests for products and services aimed at overall club operations. Services offered through other CMAA departments benefit the manager directly, primarily through education and professional development. PCS products and services benefit the club directly – and the manager, indirectly.

Since 1993, the PCS subscription has offered a unique collection of club-specific resources to assist managers with daily operations – and with board and member concerns.

An annual subscription to Premier Club Services puts extensive club-specific information and the expertise of the industry’s leading advisors and consultants at your fingertips. Every aspect of club operations – from employee benefits to financial controls – is thoroughly addressed in reliable management resources.

Through the PCS subscription, subscribers can secure special PCS rates for many industry service providers through the PCS Industry Network.

Premier Club Services now offers clubs the opportunity to choose the subscription package that best fits their needs.