CMAA Logo Policies

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In January 2009, CMAA unveiled a new logo to communicate the essence, messages and identity of the Association in a simple, effective, compelling and contemporary manner. Through the words incorporated in the image and through its appearance as a seal, this logo emphasizes the core components of CMAA: education, professionalism and leadership. In addition, the logo communicates the rich history of CMAA by highlighting the year in which the Association was established, 1927. This logo may be used by CMAA members and Allied Associations.  

Please keep the following policies in mind when using the logo and please review the Graphic Standards for Use of CMAA Logo. Thank you.  

• The CMAA logo may not be used for any commercial purpose unless approved specifically by CMAA.

• Any member of the Association in good standing may use the name or style "member of CMAA" or may use any logo, emblem, insignia, or phrase indicative of membership as approved by the Board of Directors.

• The use of the CMAA logo by any member of the Association in good standing is authorized for the members' business cards, stationery and envelopes where the member's name is imprinted on the paper, not merely typed

• The Association logo must not be used in such a way as to represent approval by CMAA of the content of circulars, brochures, and other such promotional materials without prior written permission of the Association. A copy of the proposed material showing the use of the logo must accompany all requests for permission.

• Members and chapters may not adopt, publicize, promote or otherwise convey any policy or principle in the name of CMAA that has not been officially adopted by the Association.

• Use of the CMAA logo shall be in good taste and within acceptable business practices as determined by CMAA. CMAA reserves the right to limit or revoke the use of the logo by members and chapters, if warranted.

Graphic Standards for Use of CMAA Logo

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