CMAA Staff

Executive Management
Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE, President & Chief Executive Officer

Member Engagement
Kim Pasquale, Senior Vice President, Member Engagement
Melissa Low, CAE, Senior Director, Communications & Advocacy 
Erica Benjamin, Director, Member & Chapter Relations
Karen Woodie, Director, Membership Administration
Jayne Ayers, Director, Meetings & Logistics
Kyle JenningsManager, Communications 
Christina Krueger, Manager, Member Communities & Student Development 
Roy Quini, Manager, Design & Production 
Sara Thom, Manager, Member Communities  
Marisa Reilly, Member Services Coordinator

Professional Development
Jason Koenigsfeld, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Professional Development 
David McCabeSenior Director, Education 
Amilcar Davy, Director of Research
Brian Watkins, Director, Certification & Education

Business Development
Julie Montross, Senior Vice President, Business Development
Nichole Rhodes, Director, Corporate Engagement 
Kelly Jo Springirth, Director, Exhibit Services 
Katherine Lord, MSW Director, Club Services 
Ava Spece, Director of Development, The Club Foundation
Bob GouldCMAA Club Resources Specialist

Information Technology
Chris Velo, Senior Vice President, Technology & Infrastructure 
Kate McDevitt, Director, Web Content Administration
Chris Slatt, Systems Developer   

Jason TateSenior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer 
Michael Mensah, Director, Finance
Michele Gyuras, Manager, Member Solutions
Pam Barrett, Staff Accountant
Alanna RossMembership Services Coordinator