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Covone Tracy PixServSafe® Food Safety Training, Train the Trainer, FOH Operations and Service Training


At Your Service, Training
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  • NRAEF ServSafe® Food Safety Certification


  • Train the Trainer: Complete Guide to Effective Preparation and Presentation of ServSafe® material
  • Team Building and/or Customer Service Seminars
  • Front of the House Operations: Designs and Implements Training Manuals and Materials specific to your operation


  • Most class fees are charged as a per person amount and vary depending upon the Certification or class selected. Please call for details and group discount information.
  • Please call for Front-of-the-House Operations and training fees.
  • Travel expenses (accommodations, meals, vehicle rental, gas, tolls, etc.) are billed at cost.

Tracy’s Bio:

Tracy has more than 23 years of hospitality experience along with a Bachelor's Degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Penn State University and a Master's Degree in Business Management from Point Park University. She spent over 13 years in the Private Country Club Industry and was one of the youngest female Club Managers. Tracy was also a General Manager for a large Corporate Dining Service Account and a College Instructor for two Hospitality Management Programs (instructing Safety and Sanitation, Menu Planning and Cost Controls and Introduction to Management). She was a Corporate Trainer for a large Grocery Chain and Convenience Store operator and has written many training manuals. She currently co-owns At Your Service, Training.

Tracy has a great interest in helping to improve the knowledge and skills of employees working in food service. She is passionate about safety and sanitation! Her classes are fun and interactive and sure to keep the attention of your employees! Your employees will have the opportunity to meet and interact with individuals from other clubs in your area. Tailoring the classes specifically to the club industry is one of the best features of Tracy’s classes. Your employees will also have the benefit of TEAM training. Tracy presents material and concepts while involving the attendees as much as possible! Her goal is to educate and create an open environment where attendees feel comfortable asking questions and making comments.

Company Bio:

With more than 46 years of combined experience in the Hospitality Industry, Tracy Covone and Scott Beech have a passion for food service! They are committed to educating people and are excited to offer the following services: ServSafe® Food Protection Management Certification, Business Consulting and Employee Training.

Their classes are fun and interactive to enhance the learning experience! Attendees enjoy the activity-based structure and comment on the open class environment. Their students have come from all areas of the industry including restaurants, hotels, private clubs, retirement communities, nursing homes, day care centers, food processing companies, food sales companies, business owners and more! The activity based class structure promotes group interaction and allows for networking and the opportunity to gain valuable insight from other related fields.

ServSafe® Food Safety Certification

This session is designed for ALL employees who handle food! Supervisors, Chefs, Managers, Dishwashers, Line and Prep Cooks, Servers, etc.! The course meets state regulatory requirements and is a part of the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

The class is presented as a one or two day session (depending on your state requirements). The one day class is 7.5 hours of instruction followed by the exam. In order to sit for the one day exam, an additional 7.5 hours of home study is required. The two day class is 15 hours of instruction followed by the examination. The training manual, handouts, exam sheet and instruction are included in the per person price for both classes. 

Train the Trainer Complete Guide to Effective Preparation and Presentation

  • Do you have a potential leader in your organization that you would like to promote?
  • Do you have a seasoned trainer for your club who could excel given the right guidance?
  • Do you need a person who can organize and conduct training sessions?
  • Is your trainer certified to teach ServSafe® Food Safety classes?

This class is designed to assist your trainer to become certified to teach ServSafe® Food Safety to your club employees. The class provides the step by step instructions necessary for completing the certification process.  Your trainer will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • How to plan and prepare for class
  • How to present the material
  • How to administer and proctor the exam
  • How to complete the paperwork needed to obtain certificates
  • Much, much more

Front-of-the-House Operations

There are many different services we provide for front-of-the-house operations. Each session is specifically designed for YOUR club! Areas of specialty include Service Training and Team Building workshops or the complete design and implementation of training manuals. The training manuals and materials are created completely based on your club policy and procedures. The manuals are prepared and reviewed by club personnel prior to implementing the group training sessions. An added benefit to Front-of-the-House Operations training is that we will work with one of your employees to prepare him or her to complete all future staff training for your club employees.