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 Lipsitt Mark PixPresident
The Lipsitt Group, LLC
Parker, CO  

Mark Lipsitt is founder and President of The Lipsitt Group, providing unique technology solutions and services to the club and hospitality marketplace. Mr. Lipsitt has worked in the club and hospitality industry for over 20 years, most recently as CEO of Northstar Technologies, a company providing next-generation club software solutions. From 2003 - 2007 Lipsitt led Northstar to become one of the new leaders in the club software space, providing innovative technology solutions and setting the bar for customer support. Lipsitt began his career in the restaurant industry, including six years as manager. He has served as an Assistant Professor at two of the top hospitality programs in the country, teaching information technology and computer systems at both Purdue University and Cal Poly University (home of BMI II). In 1989, while at Cal Poly University, Mr. Lipsitt was voted the Center for Hospitality Management Outstanding Professor. Subsequent to his teaching, Mr. Lipsitt spent over six years working as Director of Training/Implementation for a leading foodservice software company.

Mr. Lipsitt's consulting clients have included the Tokyo American Club, Marriott Corporation, Querencia Resort, the Denver Country Club, University of Virginia, and Steven Spielberg.

Mr. Lipsitt has been an invited speaker at national meetings for the Club Managers Association of America, and Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals, and has authored a self-help manual titled Winning at the Software Selection Game.

"As a Certified Club Manager and attendee of ten World Conferences I have seen numerous speakers on just about any subject you can imagine. In my opinion, Mark Lipsitt is as good a speaker and educator as I have experienced…His unique insight and expertise in the technology area is unmatched by any presenter I have been exposed to through CMAA education."  Jack Slaughter, CCM, The Louisville Country Club

The Lighter Side of Geekspeak: How to Impress Your Board and Keep Tabs on Your Teens
URL, Domain, SQL, VPN, RAID, RAM, Java, LOL, KPC, HAK, KOTL…..Huh?? Ever wondered what SQL really means, both technically as well as to you as a user, or about the difference between Java and coffee? And you probably thought that RAID kills bugs, right? In your fight to understand ever-changing technology, do you find that you can spew the words but truly have no idea what they mean? For a fast-paced, fun but educational look at the words, acronyms and metaphors overused by the technology community, and in the use of technology in daily life, this is the session for you (even if you think you know what it all means).

Winning at the Software Selection Game
At some point, every manager will be faced with the necessity to automate or re-automate his/her club. This could range from simply a new point-of-sale system, to a more comprehensive membership accounting system integrated with POS, banquets/catering, pro shop and tee time technology. This seminar provides concrete tools and methods for successfully navigating the maze of automation options. Topics include identifying the club's functional requirements, prioritizing needs/wants, budgeting, setting realistic timelines, the software demonstration as a learning tool for your club rather than a sales opportunity for the vendor, selection criteria beyond just software functionality, effective use of references and site visits, and the six items that must be in every savvy systems contract.

The Current State and Future of Club Technology
This dynamic seminar looks at what is happening today in the club software industry, focusing on the best and worst practices of club software vendors, and all of the different types of systems currently available, with pros/cons for each. Additionally, there will be in-depth discussion of the reasons for low quality software products and services, and the specific actions that clubs/managers can take to ensure that vendors begin raising their standards. The second half of the session will focus on the future (5-10 years) including ideas for taking advantage of new technologies, how to use the internet to the best advantage of the club, and prognostication on where the club software industry will be in ten years.

Club Technology Today: Knowledge for the Savvy Manager
This session is simply a combination of the first two above, with less detail. Provides a solid overview of the system selection process in the morning, and a review of the state of club technology in the afternoon.