2010 Wine Society Membership Recruitment Campaign


The Wine Society Board has initiated its membership campaign for 2010. More and more, the Board realizes the need among club managers to share knowledge about wine and understand its gifts. Through the CMAA International Wine Society, members with similar interests can join together in a variety of ways to learn about, enjoy and appreciate wine.

The membership campaign has just been kicked off and will continue through May 7th and following are the benefits and incentives:

  1. For all new members joining the Society between now and May 7th, the Administrative fee of $100 will be waived. Additionally, each new member will be entered into a drawing prior to conference to receive their choice of a $500 educational scholarship or registration to a pre-conference workshop.

  2. For every five new members recruited by Wine Society Chapter Representatives during the campaign, the Wine Society will provide one complimentary ticket to the Wine Society Dinner in Orlando, 2011. This ticket can be used by the Chapter Rep or used by the chapter at the Chapter Rep's discretion as an auction item, etc.

  3. For Sponsors of new members, for each new member recruited, the sponsor would have his/her name entered into a drawing for two complimentary dinner tickets for the 2011 Wine Society Dinner in Orlando.

Following is the link to the web site where CMAA members can join online. https://www.cmaa.org/conf/register/forms/wsjoinrenew.aspx