Club Executive of the Year

Burt Ward Headshot
CEOY 2018 - Burton Ward, CCM, CCE

Originally known as the Club Manager of the Year, this distinction was created in 1985 by Club Management magazine to honor an individual who by his or her achievements best represents the qualities found in all hard-working, dedicated club management professionals. In 2008, the award was re-titled to mirror the evolution of the role of a club management profession. Thirty-two distinguished club management professionals have been honored through this award.

Congratulations to Burton Ward, CCM, CCE, the 2018 Club Executive of the Year. 

The Club Executive of the Year winner will be profiled in the 2019 January/February issue of Club Management magazine and honored at the CMAA 2019 World Conference and Club Business Expo in Nashville, TN, in February 2019.


2018   Burton Ward, CCM, CCE
2017   Richard L. LaRocca, CCM, CCE  
2016   Terra S.H. Waldron, CCM, CCE
2015   Gregory J. Patterson
2014    C.J. "Joe" Bendy, Jr., CCM, CCE
2013   Jim G James, CCM
2012   Paul Astbury
2011   Michael Leemhuis, CCM, CCE
2010   Damon DiOrio, CCM, CCE
2009   Michael McCarthy
2008   G. Mead Grady, CCM
2007   ***
2006   George Carroll, CCM, CCE
2005   John Crean, CCM, CHA
2004   Larry L. Thompson
2003   Jonathan McCabe, CCM
2002   A. Graham McDeson, MCM
2001   Richard Bayliss Jr., CCM, CCE
2000   John R. Sullivan Jr., CCM
1999   William Schulz, MCM, CCE
1998   Jay DiPietro, CCM
1997   Stan Orr
1996   Robert James, CCM, CCE, CHE
1995   Richard Kolasa, CCM
1994   Melvin Rex, CCM
1993   John Hudson, CCM
1992   Christopher Borders, CCM
1991   Sally Burns Rambo, CCM
1990   James Brewer, MCM
1989   Joe Brem, CCM
1988   E.M. "Mike" Fraser, CCM
1987   Edward Drew, CCM
1986   Donald Hayes, CCM
1985   Laurice "Bud" Hall, MCM, CCE
     *** No award due to magazine publishing transition