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Corporate Advantage Partners (CAP)

In 2007, the Corporate Advantage Partner program was created to garner corporate support for the Club Managers Association of America and The Club Foundation and as a means of minimizing future increases in membership products and services. Since the program’s inception, E-Z-GO, John Deere Golf, Club Car, Jonas Software, ETS, SCI Companies, CYBEX, entegra Procurement Services, Kopplin & Kuebler, Global Golf Advisors, McGladrey, Creative Golf Marketing and The Toro Company have become CMAA Corporate Advantage Partners. In 2011, the first contracts became eligible for renewal. E-Z-GO committed to continue their Platinum partnership and Jonas Software increased their investment in order to move from Silver to Gold. Both contracts extend through 2016.  

The core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation are visible in CMAA’s choice of corporate partners. Providing practical answers that are relevant to club operations, our partners are committed to solving problems, providing solutions and leading the industry in innovation. Limited to 15 firms, each partner signs a five year contract, committing financial support ranging from $250,000 to $1 million, depending on their level of involvement. To date, more than $8 million has been pledged, channeling long-term financial support into resources and programs directly benefiting CMAA members.

In return, Corporate Advantage Partners receive royalty-free rights to use a specific CAP logo – a very identifiable symbol of their level of commitment to CMAA’s professional development and overall support of the club industry. Each receives year-round access and exposure to CMAA members through integrated marketing and sponsorship opportunities designed to bolster brand awareness, build relations and increase growth and loyalty. Through this program, partners align their business expertise with CMAA’s reputation for educational excellence, fraternity and the goodwill established by The Club Foundation’s philanthropic mission.

CAP partners and their levels of commitment are indicated below:

CAP Chart



Affiliate Program

For companies who cannot participate in the Corporate Advantage Program, CMAA continues to offer a wide range of á la carte opportunities including the CMAA Affiliate Program. This program is a way for CMAA to strengthen its relationship with a larger universe of corporate entities who have expressed a desire to support the Association and the industry. The CMAA Affiliate Program offers businesses providing products, services and information to the club industry a way to demonstrate their support for the Association’s initiatives.  In return, companies will receive benefits designed to extend their visibility and reach within the club industry.

Unlike Corporate Advantage Partners, the Affiliate designation does not indicate or imply any form of endorsement. CMAA Affiliates are not sponsors nor do they receive direct marketing support from the Association. The Affiliate program is open to all companies; however, each is required to sign a code of ethics and be bound by regulations defining the use and activation of CMAA Affiliate benefits.  

Companies with a history of exhibiting at the CMAA Club Business Expo and/or donating to The Club Foundation for five years or more will be eligible to use a version of the CMAA Affiliate logo that recognizes their long standing support. 

Other Opportunities

All companies are welcome to advertise in CMAA’s World Conference On-Site Directory, CMAA’s weekly e-newsletter Club Connection, Buyers Guide and Club Management magazine, the Association’s official print publication. Exhibit space at the Club Business Expo held in conjunction with the CMAA World Conference is also available and recommended for all companies marketing to the club industry.   

For more information on any of these offerings, please visit contact Nicole Rhodes.