Risk Management

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RM Brochure CoverIn late 2010, CMAA officially announced the creation of the Risk Management Department. CMAA Chief Executive Officer James Singerling, CCM, shared, “With CMAA members managing multi-million dollar facilities with a variety of liability issues, it became evident to the Association that our members needed additional guidance and resources in this area.”   

The CMAA Risk Management Department is lowering the cost of doing business in the club industry by working with the insurance industry to create education and customized safety programs and products for CMAA member-managed clubs. The Department proactively assists CMAA members in determining and minimizing losses at their clubs by providing better tools and helping to implement better practices. By leveraging the size of the CMAA membership, members can get the best value for the club’s dollar and improve the club’s overall coverage. 

Currently, the Risk Management department divides the resources into two areas:  

Risk Management Services:  

                Agility Recovery 

                Safety Measures 

                PEO/HR Outsourcing 

                Club DNA 

                CMAA University 

Insurance Products:  

                Employee Benefits 

                Property and Casualty 

                Workers Compensation 

                Directors & Officers/ EPLI 



The Risk Management Department is eager to enter its first full year of operations. The department will continue to address specific industry related challenges and look to the future of managing risk at all clubs. To learn more about current and future risk management resources, visit www.preparemyclub.org. 

CMAA Risk Management- Lowering the cost of doing business in the club industry.