Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

The speaker honorariums listed in the workshop section do not include travel and other related expenses.


Expenses are limited to $80 per day, including meals. Any expenses over $80 will be borne by the speaker. Receipts for expenses over $15 are required before reimbursement will be made.


Travel reimbursement includes coach fare purchased more than 21 days in advance. Airfare purchased less than 21 days prior to travel will be reimbursed to the 21-day-advance purchase price. Travel reimbursement includes cab or shuttle to the workshop site. If driving, reimbursement is $0.36/mile, plus parking.


If the speaker's hotel stay is being paid for by the chapter, this includes room and tax only. Other expenses may be submitted for reimbursement; see above.


Honorarium (if any) will be paid at the time of presentation. Speakers from this guide are obligated to maintain the agreed-upon honorarium for the year. Many of the speakers will do a chapter education meeting as well, but please be aware that often the fee for a shorter education program will be the same as for a six-hour workshop.

CMAA Chapter Workshop
Sample Budget And Worksheet Expense
Speaker Honorarium   $3,500   $_______
Speaker Travel & Expenses
(airfare, room, food, other) 
  $750   $_______
Total   $4,250   $_______

Optional additional costs not included:

• food function
• social functions
• a/v rental costs

Total workshop costs may vary depending on the speaker, how far he/she has to travel, whether the chapter has CMAA Headquarters prepare the workshop materials and what type of materials the workshop requires.