CMAA and Club Benchmarking Release Club Industry 2012 Economic Impact Report

2013 Feb 28

Melissa Low
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Alexandria, VA – February 28, 2013 – The Club Managers Association of America is proud to announce the recent release of the 2012 Economic Impact Report in conjunction with Club Benchmarking. This report details the economic impact of the 2,500 clubs managed by members of CMAA in 2011.

Statistics At A Glance:

• The total income for clubs in 2011 was $18 billion.
• The total direct economic impact for clubs in 2011 was $19 billion, including all tax    revenues generated as a result of club activities.
• Clubs employ 326,000 employees, with payrolls equaling $9 billion.
• Clubs serve between 1.7 and 2.0 million members.
• Clubs raise and contribute $124 million in funds to charitable causes.   
• Clubs distribute $12 million in student scholarships.
• Clubs spend $2.4 billion on goods and an additional $1.7 billion on services in their local communities.
• Clubs as a whole pay $2.6 billion in total taxes; $1.6 billion of which are local and state taxes.

“The economic impact of the club industry is highly local in nature with the vast majority of club members and employees living in close proximity to the club,” shares Ray Cronin, Co-Founder, Club Benchmarking. “Further, the vast majority of cash flows resulting from purchases, employment, taxes, charitable giving and other economic activities are centered in the community in which the club operates. As such, clubs are significant producers of dense, highly local, economic activity.”

James Singerling, CCM, Chief Executive Officer of CMAA, stated “Clubs are valuable members of their local communities as small businesses which survive for decade after decade. They are responsible for job creation, sustaining local and other domesticated businesses, paying local and state taxes all while maintaining a high standard of charitable giving.”

The 2012 Economic Impact Report is available at


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