Leadership Models

The role of the club manager has evolved since the Association's founding in 1927. Today, two leadership models are embodied into all of CMAA’s Business Management Institute and education programs.

The industry standard of management is the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer Concept. The GM/COO is hired by the Board of Directors, reports to the President or Executive Committee and is responsible for carrying out the Board’s policies. The GM/COO is accountable for all areas of the club and will ensure the synergism of all club activities.

The Management to Leadership Model furthers this concept. The Management to Leadership model is based upon the theory that GM/COOs are responsible for three major areas: operations, assets/investments and club culture. This construct more accurately expresses today’s general manager/COO as the professional responsible for the multiple facets of club operations, as well as managing the club’s assets/investments and culture. It is a continuum of constant building and honing of skills and competencies.

Management to Leadership Model