Committee Service Guidelines

As a membership organization, CMAA is governed by members to serve members. Standing and special committees (i.e., task forces, at-conference and/or ad hoc committees) are an important part of CMAA’s leadership structure and vital to its success. Committees help CMAA achieve its strategic goals by identifying needs within the profession, studying and discussing issues, and proposing programs and policies. Additionally, ad hoc and at-conference committees and task forces may be appointed by the CMAA National Chairman for a short duration for assistance with a CMAA program/initiative or to address timely issues that emerge.  

Rewards - Committee service is a rewarding professional growth experience, providing members with opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of the issues facing the profession, to meet and learn from colleagues, and to influence the future of the organization and the profession.

Expectations - If you are appointed to a standing committee, you are usually committing to at least one year of service and will be requested to:

  • Be present at required meetings. Some standing committees are requested to meet in-person for a one to two day meeting (typically held over the first weekend of May) near the CMAA headquarters in Alexandria, VA; CMAA covers the committee members’ costs of travel, lodging and food for this meeting.
  • Participate in conference calls and online discussions as needed.
  • Prepare for all meetings by reading relevant materials in advance.
  • Complete assignments such as gathering information, surveying colleagues and making presentations.
  • Respond to requests for feedback by the requested deadlines.
  • Attend the World Conference on Club Management if you are asked to serve on an at-conference committee. These various service committees are held in conjunction with the World Conference (between January and March) annually and require about two hours of your time on site.  

Eligibility - All Professional/Alumnus members are eligible to serve on national committees. At the discretion of the CMAA National Chairman, National Board or national staff, exceptions may be made to this policy. Appointments to certain standing committees may require prior or current service.

Committee Chairs - Committee chairs oversee the work of the committees, prepare for and chair committee meetings, and report to the Board of Directors. As a general rule, chairs are current National Board Members and designated by the CMAA National Chairman.

Committee Staff Liaisons - Each committee is assigned a professional staff liaison who supports the committee’s work by preparing background materials and assisting in the planning and implementation of meetings and programs.

Committee Service Volunteer Forms - All Committee Service Volunteer Forms are due by November 15, 2018. Committee appointments will be made from the pool of members submitting committee service materials by the deadline. To develop an inclusive rich pool of candidates:

  • CMAA national and chapter leaders are asked to identify potential applicants and encourage them to submit the required volunteer information.
  • National committee information and the Volunteer Form are available here.
  • Close to 100 committee and special group openings are anticipated for 2019.

Appointment - In order to appoint the most representative and effective national standing committees, the Association strives to develop a large pool of qualified members from various sectors of our membership. Expertise, professional experience, as well as CMAA and local chapter experience will be considered in the appointment process. Appointments are made by the CMAA National Chairman and approved by the CMAA Board of Directors to achieve balanced representation from members, chapters and regions, club types, gender, age group, skill sets and experience. 

As national committee placements and needs vary annually, CMAA cannot guarantee selection of all volunteer applications in a given year. Typically, more requests to serve are received than there are committee openings. Therefore, volunteer forms of members not selected will be maintained, with permission, for consideration the following year. You may also wish to look into getting involved in your local chapter.