Chapter Affiliation Agreement Information

Excerpt from the CMAA 2016-2020 Strategic Plan: 


Develop an affiliation agreement for chapters to define minimal operations that ensure consistency and health among all chapters; seek ways to ensure members are uniformly served at the chapter level. 

A chapter affiliation agreement establishes the right of the chapter to use the national organization’s name and receive specified assistance in exchange for agreeing to certain standards of conduct, oversight, and formal requirements, like the for-profit world’s franchise agreements.

The overarching goal of the Chapter Affiliation Agreement is the ensure that CMAA and its Chapters are in partnership, consistent with organizational goals; structurally and operationally linked according to applicable laws (federal and state); and sound business practices.


CMAA presented the first draft of the Chapter Affiliation Agreement to 2017 LLC attendees. Draft two was presented as an online assessment, which was structured to obtain as much feedback as possible from all Chapters leaders (from November 2017 to January 2018). CMAA’s attorney incorporated Chapter feedback to construct the final document. CMAA held a chapter-national leadership webinar in June 2018 (slides below) to answer remaining questions about the Agreement. Next, the CMAA Policy Manual was provided for your information in advance of circulating the Agreement for signature, which is now in progress. CMAA’s goal is to have the Chapter Affiliation Agreement signed by the 2019 World Conference in Nashville.

Reference documents:

Chapter Affiliation Agreement
Frequently Asked Questions 
June 2018 Webinar Slides
CMAA Policy Manual