CMAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Club Management Association of America (CMAA), in principle and in practice, values and seeks diverse and inclusive participation within the club management profession. CMAA believes in and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the management and staffing of clubs, as well as the management and staffing of CMAA. Support of the core principles in DEI are manifested through management and hiring practices, recruiting, training, and access to career growth within clubs and the Association.

To equip current and future CMAA members in support of DEI, the Association’s goals are:

  • To ensure inclusion of education, information, and other support in CMAA’s professional development and related member offerings that promote excellence in club management, as well as a healthy club staff environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • To adhere to employment practices that result in a diversity of race, gender, and culture in the workplace.

  • To ensure there are active member communities, conversations, research, and programs on DEI at CMAA and within clubs that support CMAA’s principles; continue to grow the CMAA community to be reflective of society.

  • To ensure the Association is open and accessible to all interested in membership that meet CMAA’s membership criteria.

  • To select candidates and appointees for CMAA’s governance with the goal of having the most qualified individuals along with making CMAA leadership representative of race, gender, and culture of its membership.

  • To encourage alignment of DEI organizational goals and objectives with CMAA’s affiliated Chapters.

Adopted September 2021.