Chapter Representative Program


CMAA's International Wine Society is fortunate to have in its membership managers who volunteer to serve as Chapter Representatives. The Wine Society instituted the chapter representative position so it can successfully reach CMAA members through the chapter structure and assist them in wine education. Thanks to those who've agreed to help us meet this objective.

The Wine Society truly looks forward to working with the Chapter Wine Representatives. For starters, we have provided each with a handbook of resources and guidance on how to conduct wine tastings, organize wine-related education sessions and plan for a wine dinner, as well as contact information for wineries. This information can serve as a guide in planning chapter and club wine education for the year. The Wine Society will be pleased to offer as much guidance as required to make this program a success and encourage managers to understand and appreciate wine.

Chapter Wine Representatives Handbook

Section 1 - Your Role As Chapter Wine Representative (PDF)
Section 2 - Chapter Wine Education
•    Suggestions for Chapter Wine Events (PDF)
•    Hosting a Wine Dinner
•    Sample Wine Tasting Sheet (PDF)
Section 3 - Resources
•    Glossary of Tasting Terms (PDF)
•    Glossary of Wine-Making Terms (PDF)

Section 4 - Forms
•    Recruiting New Members
•    Annual Auction Information
•    Chapter of the Year Information

Chapter Wine Representative listing
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