Wine Program Awards

The objective of the Wine Program Awards is to annually recognize the best club wine programs and laud CMAA member-managed clubs that establish and maintain fine wine programs for their membership. The awards are meant to be a hallmark of quality and assurance of an eminent wine program. A club that receives recognition should leverage its accomplishment when marketing the club’s food and beverage program to its membership.

In 2014, the scoring system was revised for the second time since its inception in an effort to better evaluate a club’s wine program. The changes agreed on by the judges allocate more points for interpretation of the wine list and the wine program description. Primarily, these changes were implemented to allow smaller club programs to compete with larger programs in a more subjective scoring system. The changes direct more of the focus on a scope of its wine program and its engagement of members and not the size of the wine list. We are aware this impacted club’s scores compared to past years, but we hope it will result in continued focus of club wine programs into a better experience for your members.

Awards are given in the categories of Merit and Distinction. On the 100-point scale, an Award of Merit is achieved when a club scores between 80 and 89, and an Award of Distinction is achieved when a club scores a 90 or above.

Rules of Participation

2017 Wine Program Award Winners