The CMAA webinar series have been highly successful with more than one hundred sessions and 10,000 members attending the live webinars.

An invitation will be sent to all members prior to a webinar, with instructions on how to participate. The registration process will open up approximately one week prior to each webinar date.

If you are unable to attend a live webinar, archived copies are accessible on CMAA University's Club Training Center.

2014 / 2015 Schedule*  
10/1   2 pm EDT   Learning from the Mistakes of Others: Avoiding Food and Beverage Liability at Your Club With David Denney ** 
10/22   2 pm EDT   Creating a Member-Centric Wine Program  ** 
11/12   2 pm EST   Webinar: Club Compliance: Background Checks and Best Hiring Practices **  
11/18   2 pm EST   New Member Orientation **
11/19   2 pm EST   Locker Room Management With Todd Dufek **
12/3   2 pm EST   Capital Projects Webinar With Jim Rogers **  
12/10   2 pm EST   Food & Beverage Webinar With Mike Holtzman **
1/21   2 pm EST   ClubSolutions Webinar **
2/11   2 pm EST   Wine Society Webinar **
3/25   2 pm EDT   ClubSolutions Webinar **
4/01   2 pm EDT   Scared Straight of Aquatice With Gerry Dworkin **
6/10   2 pm EDT   Wine Society Webinar **

*Additional webinars for the first half of 2015 will be posted as they are scheduled

**Registration opens approximately 7 days prior to event



CMAA University logo - 100wPast webinars are now archived on CMAA University.

CMAA members who joined the association prior to 6/1/14 can login using their CMAA member number and birthdate (MMYYYY).

CMAA members who joined the association after 6/1/14 can login using their CMAA member number and LastnameBirthyear (Smith1979).

Once you are signed in, you can find the recording and the PDF of the PowerPoint presentation under the Professional Development carousal, Archived Webinars category.