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July 27, 2018

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What is the Certified Club Manager (CCM) Application Invoice Online?
If you are a member who has not yet earned your CCM designation and you have signed into the new member portal on our website, you may have noticed that there is an invoice titled "Petition Fee CCM" in your record. This invoice is a result of starting a "CCM Application" for all non-CCM members in our database. The application process was necessary for the system to start tracking a member’s progress towards becoming eligible for the CCM exam. This invoice is due at the time you submit your CCM Petition, prior to taking the CCM exam. It will not be considered past-due and you will not receive any late notices regarding it. We encourage you to pay the invoice only when you are submitting your CCM petition, whether that be next week or three years from now. Please contact David McCabe or Brian Watkins if you have any questions.
Earn Association Activity Credits in Many Ways 
Because managers must earn 50 Association Activity (AA) credits as a prerequisite for certification, it's not uncommon for CMAA to be asked how managers can earn those credits. The easiest way to earn AA credits is through your CMAA membership: all managers earn two AA credits for each year of membership. AA credits can also be earned by getting involved in your local chapter. As a Chapter Officer, a member can earn up to eight AA credits, and one AA credit can be earned by attending chapter business meetings. CMAA managers can also earn up to 15 credits by serving at the National level. Additionally, members can earn one AA credit for attending CMAA webinars.   
CMAA also gives AA credits for conference registration. Members can earn three AA credits for attending the Leadership/Legislative Conference, eight AA credits for a "Full" CMAA World Conference registration, and four AA credits for "Education Only" registration at CMAA World Conference. Two AA credits each are also available for attending the Opening and Closing Business Session at CMAA World Conference.  
For more information on earning AA credits, contact Brian Watkins at 703-739-9500. 
Understanding the Hourly Worker in Order to Recruit Top Talent Webinar Now Available
The archived webinar of "Understanding the Hourly Worker in Order to Recruit Top Talent," presented by Jill Silman Chapman, Senior Performance Consultant at Insperity is now available on CMAA University with additional content from CMAA’s Recruiting Hourly Employee Study.
All of the Recruiting Hourly Employee content can be found on CMAA University under the Resource Library carousel, CMAA Research and Survey Reports category and Recruiting Hourly Employees Industry Survey.

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Jeff Morgan 2018CEO’s Perspective: Benefiting from CMAA’s Coaching Services
A few weeks ago, I received a note from a member who lost his position at his club after almost 20 years. The note went on to say how appreciative he was of the coaching services provided as part of his CMAA membership at a time when it was most needed. Thanks in part to the coaching experience, he found direction and moved forward in a positive manner. He has since found a new club position. Read more about how you can benefit from coaching in Jeff Morgan's blog.

LLC Regular Registration Ends August 1
Don’t delay! Register today to be part of this year’s Leadership/Legislative Conference, September 5-7, in Washington, DC. Open to all CMAA members, LLC features sessions focused on the education and instruction necessary to have an immediate impact on chapter-national alignment efforts and volunteer management. Designed to emphasize leadership, legal, and strategic thinking, this event provides CMAA members – specifically chapter officers/chairmen/managing directors, and national committee members – with the means necessary to successfully execute chapter management and related leadership roles and responsibilities.
To Do 

1.Register to take advantage of regular registration pricing and save $100, by August 1. 
2. Book your hotel accommodations at the JW Marriott to ensure availability and get the best available rate by August 14
3. Prepare your Chapter’s entry for the Idea Fair
4. Make your plans for dinner in DC for Wednesday night. Check out these recommendations from the CMAA staff team!

Heads Up: Fall Scholarship Deadlines Quickly Approaching
New CF LogoPlease note these important fall deadlines from The Club Foundation and share with your colleagues:

Sally Burns Rambo Scholarship - September 1 

  A scholarship for female club managers interested in furthering their professional development.
James B. Singerling Scholarship - September 1
  A professional development scholarship for club industry professionals who have never attended World Conference. 
Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship (due to Chapter) – October 1 

   A scholarship for assistant club managers pursuing the Certified Club Manager (CCM). 
Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship (due to The Club Foundation) – November 1
  Deadline for the Chapters to submit all Kendall Scholarship applications to The Club Foundation. 
• LaRocca Family Executive Scholarship – November 1 

  A two-part scholarship for seasoned leaders in the club industry who take an active role in mentoring and a separate scholarship for their mentees as well. 

For the full list of annual scholarships and grants from The Club Foundation, please visit us online.

Club Spa and Fitness Association to Become CMAA Subsidiary
Club Spa and Fitness Assoc (CSFA) logoThe Club Spa and Fitness Association (CSFA) will officially become a subsidiary of CMAA on November 1, 2018. The governing boards of both associations approved the decision during their summer meetings.

CMAA assumed management of CSFA in the fall of 2017. Prior to that, the two associations had a history of collaboration dating back to 2009. CSFA will retain its existing governance structure as a subsidiary of CMAA, and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE, will serve as the chief staff executive of CMAA, The Club Foundation, and CSFA. Executive Director Corinne Grimaldi will continue her role with CSFA, in conjunction with oversight of CMAA’s special interest groups and member communities.

Members of both organizations will benefit from the collaboration in many areas including research, professional development, education, and communication efforts. Read the full release.

Dues Renewals Are on the Way – Please Note Our New Payment Address
In the coming weeks, you will be receiving your 2019 membership renewal. As always, there will be the option to pay online or mail in your payment. For those choosing the latter option, please note that our payment address has changed as of August 1. Please forward any future payments to:

Club Management Association of America
PO Box 37626
Baltimore, MD 21297-3626

Please note: CMAA’s National Headquarters address for correspondence remains 1733 King Street, Alexandria, VA.

Did You Know?  Every member of CMAA is entitled to a free coaching session with CMAA's Coach. Set up a time today to talk about learning to achieve your goals and focus on your personal and professional growth. Working directly with Kevin MacDonald or Shelly MacDougall, you will learn what it is you want most in life and how to achieve it. All content of the sessions is completely confidential. Call to set up your session today.

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Deadline Extended to July 30: 2018 Compensation and Benefits Survey 
The 2018 CMAA Compensation and Benefits Survey deadline has been extended to July 30, 2018. The survey should take 30-60 minutes to complete and includes several features to make completion easy. 
Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the industry report plus a customized Club Compensation Report, with your own club’s compensation figures reported alongside the appropriate industry comparatives. Club Resource Center subscribers, who participate in the survey, will also receive access to an online portal for interactive industry comparatives. Participants at chapters that reach a participation rate of at least 10 clubs and 20 percent, will also receive a chapter print out of their chapter’s data. 
  The deadline for participation is July 30, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Six at 614-389-2100 ext. 103 or Amilcar Davy, CMAA's Manager of Research, at 703-739-9500. 
Access the 2018 Finance and Operations Report and Upcoming Webinar
CMAA has released the 2018 Finance and Operations Report, a detailed report of key financial and operating data from the club management industry, to participants. Based on confidential surveys completed by more than 400 clubs in spring 2018, the report includes a compilation and analysis of club finance and operations data.
All members may access the Executive Summary online through CMAA University, Resource Library, CMAA Research and Survey Reports. Participants can access their complimentary copy of the report and Individual Club Report online at cmaa-research.org.
Register now for the report release webinar on Wednesday, August 8, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Join Greg Manns, Sr. Vice President of Industry Insights, as he provides an overview of the study and how to best utilize the results to compare your club to the industry norms.
Your Recruiting Q&A: Recruiting Front-Line Team Members
Check out this series of Q&As from CMAA’s recent webinar, "Talent Acquisition: 13 Secrets to Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent," presented by Jill Chapman, Senior Performance Consultant, at Insperity.
Q: What kind of recruiting strategies would you recommend for hiring servers and dishwashers?
A: Establishing an employee referral program is a great first step to hiring qualified talent quickly as referrals often make the best hires. Encouraging employees to tap into their personal networks allows employers to source high-quality candidates quickly while reducing the cost-to-hire.
As for other strategies, even servers and dishwashers depend on the internet. And, like most jobseekers, when they are looking for an hourly position in today’s market—unless they have a referral from family or friends, they most likely will go to Google/Bing/Yahoo and see what comes up. If you’re looking to hire servers, cashiers, or other hourly positions, start with a simple search and see what websites are on the first page in your area. Those are typically the most relevant sites and most used when searching for those jobs.
Your social media feeds might be a great place to reach out as well. When you post your job openings to your social media subscribers, you get your message to a wider audience. Sharing tools on social media mean that there are possibilities for greater reach, too. I read a recent study which shared that a quarter of all job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching, and approximately 70 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds say they found a previous job on social media. 
The archive of the entire webinar is now available on CMAA University  under the Resource Library carousel, CMAA Research and Survey Reports category, and Recruiting Hourly Employees Industry Survey. 
We hope you learned some tips to improving recruiting techniques and organizing your workforce so that you are in a better position to exceed your club's goals. To help put those tips into practice, Insperity is providing the complimentary workbook on which the presentation was based. To obtain this workbook or if you have any questions from the webinar, would like more information about how Insperity can help you from the first stages of recruitment to long-term employee retention, or how they can assist with all of your club’s HR needs through their new Workforce Administration™ solution, please contact 866-476-8597 or solutions@insperity.com
For further research from CMAA on Recruiting Hourly Employees, please visit cmaa.org/recruiting/. 
Want to Save Money on Staff Training? CMAA Can Help
Join hundreds of your fellow club management colleagues already enjoying the benefits of a club subscription to the Club Resource Center (CRC). They’ve learned first-hand that the CRC can dramatically simplify their existing training process by offering a growing list of staff training coursesa resource library with downloadable documents and templates, and annual survey reports all in one convenient location. And, since the system automatically tracks sign-in and course completion data, it’s easy to pull progress reports on the entire club, a team, or an individual – so you can stay on top of your employees’ training progress. Learn more!

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EPA Clarifies Intent to Repeal 2015 WOTUS
On June 29, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Army issued a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking to the July 2017 proposed action to repeal the 2015 definition of waters of the United States (WOTUS). In this supplemental notice, the EPA and Army seek to clarify that they are proposing to permanently repeal the 2015 Rule in its entirety. Read more.
Why Won’t Millennials Join Country Clubs?
"Country Clubs Sell a New Image," the New York Times announced in 1979. Below this headline, an article described a young woman showing up to a country club dressed in jeans (and on a motorcycle!) as a reflection of changing times. "[C]ountry clubs must accommodate [a new generation] in order to survive," the paper noted, "and the accommodations—lower dues and special dances for younger members, for example—are only some of the changes being made." 

Almost 40 years later, a young woman riding her motorcycle to the country club would still be an outlier. Millennials who are burdened with loan debt often can’t buy homes, much less drop thousands of dollars on club initiation fees and dues. (Annual country-club dues run several thousand dollars on average, plus an initiation fee that’s usually no less than $5,000.) Read more.

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Aug 1-3   Club Spa and Fitness Association
Regional Conference — Naples, FL
Aug 6   CCM Exam : Local Proctored
Aug 8   Webinar: Using the 2018 CMAA Finance and Operations Report
Sep 1     James B. Singerling Scholarship application due to The Club Foundation
Sep 1     Sally Burns Rambo Scholarship application due to The Club Foundation
Sep 5-7   Leadership/Legislative Conference — Washington, DC
Sep 12   Governance/Leadership Summit — Country Club of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Sep 17-21   BMI Tactical Leadership — Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Sep 20-21   Club Spa and Fitness Association
Regional Conference — Boston, MA
Sep 24-28   BMI Club Management — Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA (FULL)
Sep 24-28   BMI Golf ManagementThe Admiral's Cove Club, Jupiter, FL (FULL)
Oct 1     Willmoore Kendall Scholarship application due to Chapter
Oct 8-12   BMI Leadership Principles — Cal-Poly, CA (FULL)  
Oct 15-19   BMI Chief Operating Officer — Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (FULL) 
Nov 1    LaRocca Family Executive Scholarship application due to The Club Foundation
Nov 1     Willmoore Kendall Scholarship application due to The Club Foundation
Nov 1-4   National Student Education Conference — Chicago, IL
Nov 5-9   BMI Food and Beverage Management — University of Houston, Houston, TX (FULL)
Nov 5-9   BMI General Manager/Chief Operating Officer — Michigan State University, Lansing, MI (FULL)
Nov 5-9   BMI Strategic Leadership — Boston, MA
Nov 11-16   Joe Perdue Certification Review Course and CCM Exam — Georgia State, Atlanta, GA
Nov 12   CCM Exam : Local Proctored
Dec 4   Governance/Leadership Summit — Pinehurst Country Club, Denver, CO
    * Webinars begin at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, unless otherwise noted
* Webinar registration opens approximately seven days prior to event.