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CMAA Verified Internship Program

The evolution of a person from student or enthusiast to professional requires a few steps along the way to best position them for the career they want—or may not even know they want yet.

Enter the internship program, a great way to introduce interested students to a new field. But internships are not just beneficial for those who are learning: These programs can create value for our industry and are essential to building a stronger talent pipeline for careers in club management. Plus, you may even learn from interns as they learn from you!

Program Information

CMAA has developed a Verified Internship Program to elevate and streamline club internship offerings. Because clubs differ widely in their membership size, culture, and offerings, it may be difficult for students to know exactly what they can expect from their internship experience. This verified internship criteria helps manage the expectations of students, faculty, and managers, and holistically showcases what a career in the club industry looks like.

To have your club’s internship program recognized as a CMAA Verified Internship, your program must meet the approved criteria in its internship offerings. Next, complete the CMAA Verified Internship application. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified within two weeks if your application has been approved. Once approved, you may post your internship (free of charge) on CMAA’s Internship List; your listing will include an icon indicating it is a part of CMAA’s Verified Internship Program. Clubs must apply and be approved for this program annually.

Students want to know what they can anticipate from their club internship experience, and the CMAA Verified Internship Program ensures that by setting expectations from the start. This program allows students to experience what it is like to work in many different areas of the club as well as gain a better understanding of careers in club management. To qualify for this program, a club must offer the intern(s) at least 10 hours of education, and the intern will receive feedback from direct supervisors every two weeks. CMAA wants to showcase this incredible career path to bright young talent with the goal of retaining passionate people in the club industry post-graduation.  

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