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Chapter Idea Fair

A Special President for an Unusual Time

Golden State Chapter

Entry Details

President Kurt Burmeister, CCM, CCE, enhanced the Chapter by going above and beyond in his involvement with our virtual Spring Conference 2021. In addition to opening his club to virtually host the live sessions, he pre-recorded about ten videos (several of which are accessible on the entry board) that were shown before and during the conference. For the recording of these, he contributed the services of his media person from the club free of charge. This allowed us to still bring Monterey to the members after we had to cancel the in-person opportunity due to ongoing California restrictions. If we had been in-person for the conference, we would not have made the time to introduce people to some of the many hotspots in Monterey. Because we were not in person, we were able to get partners in front of our members while illuminating some of the incredible places that Monterey has to offer. Furthermore, Kurt’s involvement sent a boost of morale to our members, ultimately encouraging them to keep staying optimistic. And, of course, through his action, he modeled what all club industry professionals must keep doing, find creative ways to fulfill our responsibilities and maintain our relationships.


To implement this idea, TGSC Director of Partnership Alexandra Chordas arranged dates when each of the Chapter’s top five partners would meet with President Kurt Burmeister, CCM, CCE, at each of five hotspots. She introduced Kurt and the partners at each spot and allowed them to showcase the spot through their conversation. Chapter members enjoyed the creativity, seeing beloved spots despite not being able to be together in person. Likewise, the video engagement served to bring Monterey to them.

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