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Calling all Interns + Hospitality Leaders

Wisconsin Badger Chapter

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Our visionary approach to student engagement within the Wisconsin Badger Chapter has ushered in a new era. Spearheaded by our Student Development Chair, Ann Luck, the initiative rallied chapter members at the annual meeting with a compelling call to action: to actively participate in the internship program by hosting at least one intern.  Ann's resolute commitment to this endeavor was showcased through a comprehensive education session addressing the intricacies of running successful internships. Notably, she dismantled the misconception that housing is a requisite for intern participation, broadening the opportunities available to students. Moreover, Ann orchestrated and led two remarkable intern tours during the summer months. These tours not only provided students with a firsthand experience of diverse club environments, including city, country, and yacht clubs, but also facilitated networking among participants. This immersive approach didn't merely enrich their understanding of the industry, but also fostered camaraderie and professional connections. The Wisconsin Badger Chapter Foundation, in a display of support and empowerment, extended its scholarship program to encompass a summer intern scholarship opportunity. This progressive step accentuates our chapter's commitment to nurturing young talent, offering financial support to students pursuing club management careers. The inaugural scholarship recipient will be recognized at the annual meeting, celebrating their dedication and future potential.


The implementation of this idea witnessed a steady response from chapter members and interns alike. Ann Luck's call to action at the annual meeting was met with enthusiasm, showcasing the commitment of our community to fostering the next generation of club management professionals. Her subsequent education session enlightened members on the nuances of successful internships, demystifying misconceptions and providing practical insights. The intern tours, a pivotal element of the initiative, were met with resounding positivity. Interns not only gained exposure to different club styles but also connected with peers and mentors, establishing relationships that extend beyond the event. This experiential learning approach invigorated students, providing them with a holistic understanding of club management while nurturing a sense of belonging within our chapter. The extension of scholarship opportunities for summer interns was met with immense appreciation and gratitude. This progressive step speaks volumes about the chapter's dedication to supporting students on their professional journey.  In conclusion, our groundbreaking approach to student engagement has revitalized the Wisconsin Badger Chapter. Through dynamic strategies, including intern tours, expanded scholarship opportunities, and education sessions, we've not only enhanced the student experience but also invigorated our chapter's sense of purpose and community. This transformative initiative sets the stage for a future where mentorship, learning, and growth intersect to create a vibrant legacy.

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