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Carolinas on the Road

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Over the past few years, our Board has been taking part in an annual Board Retreat. The planning for this Retreat begins with a member survey implemented and interpreted by Whitney Reid and Jill Hamilton of RCS Hospitality Group. We feel that an outside, professional organization can best help us create and continue a professional Strategic Plan. During this year's Retreat, we realized and agreed that because of the inconsistency of the past few years, we need to RECONNECT with our membership in many ways. In order to accomplish this we will be Taking the Carolinas on the Road in 2023 - by financing and supporting more regional education and events within our large chapter. This will bring much more networking and education directly to more of our membership.


We are in the process of planning our 2023 Chapter Event Calendar, which will include not only our usual Chapter conferences and events, but we plan to add at least three additional education events for each of our five regions; therefore, since all of our members can attend any of our events, we will be able to provide at least 20 different education and networking opportunities for all of our Chapter members - many within a two-hour drive of their clubs. We feel that our membership will know that we listened, we heard them, and we are doing our best to provide them with the opportunities they want from their Chapter.

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