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CMAACT Welcomes Club Chefs

Connecticut Chapter

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In November 2020 the Connecticut Club Chefs Association folded into the CMAACT. This enhanced our chapter in several ways. First by providing our members with the vast culinary knowledge and educational opportunities that the Chef’s bring with them. This also builds a communication channel between the front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house teams. Now, our Corporate Sponsors have new engagement opportunities through the activities that are brought to the chapter by the Club Chefs.


After several years of declining participation, active member and past president, Jeff Perez of the CT Club Chefs Association was seeking a creative solution to preserving the legacy of the CT Club Chefs.  It became apparent that they were no longer self-sustainable. Under the custodianship of CMAACT President, Marc Possidento, dissolution of the CT Club Chefs was carried to completion, and the Club Chefs were offered CMAACT membership. 

We currently have 17 Chefs / Sous Chefs as members of CMAACT.  We expect that to grow as our f & b programing increases. Our first in-person education, AllerTrain was well-attended with a balanced membership of Club Chefs and Club Managers confirming that the affiliate interest exists.  Our chapter welcomes growth, and looks forward to the joint opportunities that this partnership will bring to the future.

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