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Chapter Idea Fair

Community Outreach Program

Wisconsin Badger Chapter & Upper Midwest Chapter

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We wanted to incorporate a community outreach program within the Midwest Regional Education Forum (MREF) as a way to give back to the community hosting us.


We partnered with professional speaker, Duane Grischow, and several corporate partners to deliver not only a professional development session but a community outreach project within the session. Our goal was to build 20 bikes for 20 kids.

We worked with our host club manager to identify local organizations with underprivileged children.100 Black Men of Madison & UW Odyssey Project.

The outreach program was kept a surprise from both attendees and the children.
Attendees were broken into groups, tethered together (pre-CV19) and worked as a team to build
the bikes. The kids were in another room enjoying snacks and games. When they came out, they were introduced to their team and gifted a bike and helmet!!!

The result was:
Children who were delighted to have a brand new bike.
Net-working and Net-giving.
Inspired leaders building a legacy blueprint that touches the community and radiates confidence in young people.

**Please note this entry is from BOTH the Wisconsin Badger Chapter and the Upper Midwest Chapter**

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Kathryn Collins

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