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Wisconsin Badger Chapter

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Our transformative initiative in the realm of chapter communications centers around our inaugural trade show hosted by the Wisconsin Badger Chapter. This event promises to redefine our chapter's engagement and industry presence. Designed to foster collaboration and recognize our corporate partners, the trade show is complemented by a luncheon, keynote presentation by the esteemed Don Armstrong, and a cocktail reception. The idea's significance lies in its comprehensive approach to unite club managers and department heads from various clubs, ensuring a thriving and successful event. To maximize participation, we introduced an innovative print piece sent to General Managers and top-level managers at the clubs. This gift box, featuring our chapter logo, date, and venue (Milwaukee Athletic Club) on the exterior, delivers a cohesive and immersive experience. Inside, the box showcases the logos of our Platinum level partners and includes pens, post-its, and postcards that emphasize the event's date and location. This idea has significantly enhanced our chapter by creating a tangible connection to our corporate partners, streamlining event details, and instilling a sense of anticipation among members. The multi-dimensional approach of physical and digital communication has generated excitement, driving registrations for the upcoming fall event.


To ensure the event's success, we strategized to engage a broad spectrum of club managers and department heads. The introduction of the gift box was a pivotal step. Its external elegance, featuring our chapter's branding, captured attention and heightened curiosity. Inside, the collection of essentials, adorned with event details, created a tangible reminder of the event's significance. The impact of this initiative was palpable. The mailing of the gift box generated buzz and curiosity among members. The inclusion of pens, post-its, and postcards not only facilitated practical engagement but also encouraged interaction, driving team participation. The thoughtful approach resonated with our members, fostering a deeper connection with the chapter's activities. Furthermore, the follow-up email message from our chapter president further solidified member interest and commitment. By communicating the chapter's eagerness for their attendance, we reinforced the idea's value and underscored the significance of the trade show event. As a result, registrations surged, and members expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming event.

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