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After using the tools developed by the CMAACT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) task force our clubs are able to actively focus their workplaces to ensure that all possible opportunities are available for minorities, women and under-represented communities. This initiative is designed to bring open-mindedness, compassion and inclusiveness to the team culture and introduce awareness to our mission.


After becoming aware of the National task force, we saw this was a barrier to success for many in our chapter that we had the ability to successfully add clarification to a seemingly nebulous topic.  As the chapter was initially not meeting in person, we focused our committee meetings on developing our mission, core values, and objective.

We first announced the development of our task force in our Chapter Newsletter inviting members to join. We then partnered with the Education chair to engage a prominent speaker to focus the chapter on Black History month. Next we developed a webpage on our chapter site. This offers our members information through video, print material and a probing survey from Project Implicit, which helps our members to understand their underlying implicit associations about race, gender and sexual orientation. Lastly, now that we are back in-person, we have hosted two productive and revealing Women in Club Management meetings, welcoming everyone from interns to General Managers.

Our members have expressed a comfort in knowing there is a safe contact point at the chapter level and appreciate our growing attention to “serving the underserved” in the Connecticut Chapter.

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