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Empowering Futures: TGSC Student Engagement - Where Volunteering Creates Win-Win Moments

Golden State Chapter

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The idea of having DeAndros J. Long, Jr. (DJ), a passionate and talented Cal Poly Pomona student, volunteer during the TGSC Spring Conference from May 20-23, 203, greatly enhanced our chapter. His enthusiastic involvement and exceptional contributions significantly boosted the event's overall success. DJ's commitment was evident from the start, as he managed unpacking, setup logistics, and registration. His friendly and approachable demeanor resonated with attendees and fellow volunteers, fostering a welcoming atmosphere, and elevating the attendee experience. His involvement proved mutually beneficial, offering valuable experience while easing the organizing team's workload, resulting in an exceptional experience for attendees. DJ's dedication and positive energy aligned with TGSC's values, reflecting its spirit. His impact has been deeply appreciated, and we anticipate his continued growth within our community. Reflecting on the conference's success, DJ's contributions have made a lasting impression on us. We thank him for embodying Cal Poly Pomona's excellence and look forward to welcoming more students like DJ who share our commitment to impactful events and conferences.


The idea was easily implemented after conversations with DJ.  By having DJ volunteer during the TGSC Spring Conference and join us for pre-conference set up, the two and a half days of the conference, and post-conference cleanup and debrief, he supported Crystal Thomas, MCM, CHE, CAE, TGSC’s Managing Director, and her team. The general reaction of TGSC members has been highly positive, with DJ's contributions praised for enhancing the event's success, attendee experience, and overall sense of community.

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Crystal Thomas

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