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Carolinas Chapter

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The Carolinas Chapter has had a long tradition of supporting local charities as a Chapter.  For the past few years, that charity has been the Palmetto Chapter of the Folds of Honor.  This organization has been one that everyone can rally around, supporting the spouses and children of fallen or disabled American veterans by providing them with extensive educational opportunities.  Furthermore, all of the monies that we help raise remain in the Carolinas. We are proud to be associated with such a noble cause.


Our Managing Director has been selected to serve on the Board of the Palmetto Chapter of Folds of Honor because of our continued support.  In this way, we can directly assist this organization with all of their fundraising and promotional endeavors. This past year we helped to raise over $300,000 through one major event held in South Carolina. Our members have continually supported this cause and continue to donate when the opportunities arise.

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