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Goals & Action Plan


Virginias Chapter

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Gov-ern-ance 2021

The action or manner of governing "a more responsive system of governance will be required." The Virginias Chapter, CMAA Board made a firm commitment to planning through a 2021 Goals and Action plan for the Chapter to best serve and provide leadership continuity. The Board made a strong commitment to its policies and processes to set the Chapter up continued success. The 2021 Goals and Action Plan called for an "All In" approach by the Board and leadership.


2021 Goals and Action Plan

  1. Continue to establish Board guidelines to provide leadership continuity
    1. Determine applicable Chapter requirements and guidelines from National CMAA
    2. Document requirements, guidelines, goals, and standard operating procedures to be followed by Executive Director and Chapter Board
    3. Continue to create succession plan for Chapter Board members
    4. Update Chapter vision
  2. Offer monthly educational opportunities that align with the core competencies of CMAA
    1. Continue to offer education virtually to keep our membership safe during COVID and ease back into in-person meetings at the appropriate time
    2. Create and administer a short survey after each event and analyze the results
  3. Increase Chapter Member participation through effective communication and marketing plan
    1. Achieve 100% Board member attendance at Chapter events
    2. Create a committee of Young Professional Managers in VACMAA (YOPRO) and select Board Members that will help identify future opportunities for our Chapter
    3. Increase “marketability” of events by communicating more details and “selling” the event
  4. Increase Virginias chapter member numbers through membership drive
    1. Increase membership by 110%
    2. Develop targeted membership outreach where Board members visit clubs that are not associated with the Virginias chapter and encourage them to get involved
    3. Outreach to invite potential Chapter members to a free education event
  5. Increase connection with Virginia CMAA student chapters
    1. Promote Chapter member participation in student chapter activities (presentation, career fairs, panels, etc.) and student participation in Virginias Chapter events (education sessions, social events)
    2. Develop and implement educational roundtable session for JMU and VT Student Chapters
  6. Launch new Virginia Chapter Website
    1. Review other Chapter websites for best practices
    2. Develop action plan for website improvements
    3. Develop and implement marketing plan to highlight new website features
    4. Research and launch an app feature
  7. Involve the Chapter with CMAA National Wine Society
    1. Identify and meet National guidelines
  8. Amend Chapter bylaws at Annual meeting
    1. Board to review bylaws and suggest changes that align with CMAA National recommendations
    2. Establish bylaws committee to review board recommendations and propose Chapter bylaw revisions
    3. Board to propose updated Chapter bylaws for approval at the Annual meeting

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