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The Chapter Board launched a membership initiative campaign. This was an effort to recruit and retain membership in CMAA. The Chapter developed its very first official hands on Membership Committee and organized leadership within the Committee. This was an "All In" approach where Committee members were actually out in the field "geographically" reaching out and connecting with prospective clubs and managers who may not currently participate or know the benefits of local involvement and national involvement in CMAA. At each meeting, areas and properties were identified and a point of contact was identified at each club. Once contact was made, the committee extended an invitation to a complimentary education session for the primary contact plus staff members who may benefit from the session. It was a great way to showcase the Chapter and educational offerings and the value in a CMAA membership. Educational sessions were also identified relative to cost so that it was a win-win for the guests and the affordability of the Chapter's budget. The biggest success is in the implementation to reach beyond the General Manager's position. We have reached a network of Membership Directors, Controllers, Tennis professionals and even Club investors who now know the benefits of CMAA.


SUCCESS. This initiative is no longer just an initiative it is standard practice. The momentum of the Membership Committee has extended into the Chapter through managers who just want to see the Chapter succeed and grow. The outreach efforts are incredible. During a tough time of a world staying a part, we have brought people together and achieved results. We accomplished first place in the membership recruitment contest nationally last year achieving well over our National goal. We are in position to surpass our goal this year. It has created an excitement and drive for success. It is also helped build confidence in our Board and from members of our Chapter.

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Kristin Fellenstein

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