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Hiring Success

Ohio Valley Chapter

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The Ohio Valley Clubs came together and participated in a regional but classified survey, sharing confidential pay rates (a compensation survey similar to ClubBenchmarking's and CMAA's) at a basic and localized level, supporting a partnership to share pay rates for all position levels in order to support, not only individual club's, but the industry's hiring success.  The chapter partnered with Clark Schaefer Hackett, a business advisory and accounting firm, to "trade" resources for their chapter sponsorship. As a third party, clubs were inclined to take the survey honestly for all positions and all rates. The survey was short and to the point. What is your club paying?  For a cost as little as $40 per club, each GM participated in the survey to get access to the final survey results. Our chapter was able to come together and assure that our "New Increased" rates were competitive against other markets, with rates and benefit benchmarking so that we were able to attract, recruit, and retain great professionals.


OVC's Managing Director quarterbacked this effort and engaged members via email. Survey results provided wage rates (comparing high, low, and average), regional specific and timely data, ranging from general managers to dishwashers.

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Michelle Cocita

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