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Leadership Team Concept

Carolinas Chapter

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The Carolinas Chapter selects a Leadership Team from its membership each year in order to assist the Board and Staff in offering additional education and networking, enhanced communications, and overall Chapter activity coordination.  This volunteer group typically includes 40-50 Chapter Members and Sponsor volunteers.  The Managing Director and Member Services Manager coordinate the tasks of these volunteer members and hold quarterly Zoom meetings with them to strengthen communications and assist them with their goals.


This idea was first implemented five years ago and has been adjusted and fine-tuned over the years.  Members may request to serve on this Team, and the Chapter Board and Staff also select other Members whom they ask to serve. At the beginning of each year, a Leadership Team Orientation is held in order to review the job description of each Team member and answer any questions the members may have. Our Members understand the value of this group of volunteers when they see the additional educational opportunities planned by the group and the increased communication about events and initiatives that they provide.  Our Chapter is divided into five Regions, and each has its own Leadership Team Member Chair who plans four to five Region meetings each year.  This allows members who otherwise cannot attend Chapter-wide events to gain education and credits in their own geographic area. Many of our members appreciate and count on these increased opportunities.

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