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Chapter Idea Fair

Membership Grant


Wisconsin Badger Chapter

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The idea: to promote CMAA and the importance of maintaining and growing membership along with education club boards about the benefits of having their leadership team as members of the association. 

Realizing not all clubs or individuals can afford membership or know the importance and benefits of belonging to CMAA, we instituted a membership grant.  The program promotes membership benefits through education and net giving to non-members of the association.


The program will be shared via email and our chapter website and include an application process.  The Scholarship Committee will select the winner bases on established criteria. 

The winner of the grant will have their National dues, Chapter dues and a full year of Chapter education paid for by the Wisconsin Club Managers Foundation.  The winner will be required to report to their club board about how CMAA has benefited the club and their individual professional development.  A copy will be required to be shared with the Chapter. 

We believe the general reaction of the chapter members will be a very positive one as we continue to promote the industry.

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